Plug & Play back-up power solution
24V 2400VA (1440W) Mercer Inverter with AC Charger
2 x 12V 100Ah Deep Cycle VRLA Battery
1 x Double battery enclosure with internal battery isolator

Ideal for home office, off-site offices, guard houses, security cameras and for staying connected while watching your favourite TV show.

🚨 NB: This kit comes assembled, and will have to be collected from our warehouse in Benoni, Johannesburg/ Alternatively delivery can be arranged 🚨


Weight 73.5 kg
Inverter Type Modified Sinewave Inverter
Battery Type 100Ah Deep Cycle VRLA Battery

What is lead-acid in a battery?

The lead–acid battery consists of two electrodes submerged in an electrolyte of sulfuric acid. The
positive electrode is made of grains of metallic lead oxide, while the negative electrode is attached to
a grid of metallic lead. Lead–acid batteries are classified into two types: flooded and valve- regulated.